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Have you ever been in a meeting where everyone agreed on a new strategy only to find out later nobody really understood what they agreed too? Or even worse, have you participated in an incredible brainstorming session, but after it was over felt like you could barely remember anything that was said?You’re not alone. Great Ideas are easy. It’s remembering them, capturing them, and ensuring everyone at the meeting understood them that’s difficult. 

Whether you're hosting a webinar, group chat, email blast or any other virtual meeting, we can help bring pictures to your words with a 321 Fast Draw Live Virtual Illustrator.

Simply organize a meeting as you normally would, and our staff of brilliant visualists will join your meeting and transform ideas into memorable illustrations - in real time via video conference. If you'd like, we can organize the technical side of things by setting up the web conferencing meeting with the platform of your choice (like Zoom or GoToMeeting).

Attendees are engaged. Communication is clear. Creativity and outside the box thinking is supercharged. Plus, the final illustration is instantly available for sharing and future review.

Intrigued? Contact us today to see if you qualify for a free 30 minute session. 

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