Do whiteboard animation videos work?

You’ve no doubt heard all of the reasons why whiteboard animations are one of the best methods for explaining complicated information. How the simple illustration style paired with clever metaphors and voice over engages multiple parts of the brain to engage audiences on a deeper level than text or voice alone. Or how fun cartoons help lower the audience's objections to learning new information and make it easier to encourage them to take action.

You’ve heard all of the claims…but are they true? Thanks to the over 1000 whiteboard videos we’ve produced for our clients, we can confidently proclaim, “Yes the claims are true!” Below are just a few of the many incredible outcomes we have achieved for clients with challenging information to communicate.


Changing Minds with PayPal

When PayPal was looking for a way to show consumers that changing the way we pay for things is just part of history, we created a video that put the idea into terms all consumers could understand, no matter what their language. This is one of the many videos we’ve translated into several languages. Not only did we record the voice-over in French, German, & Portuguese, we adjusted the imagery to accurately reflect each country’s culture & currency.

Explainer Videos

Inspiring Action with AECOM

AECOM had a dilemma. They were implementing a wellness program that would save both them and their employees money, But despite a massive print and email marketing campaign, they only had 24% of their nearly 100,000 employees signed up. So we helped them get right to the point, and within 48 hours of the release of this video… employee sign up was 78%.

That $8,000 investment lead to millions in savings!

Whiteboard Animation

Inspiring Hope with
Beyond Batten Disease Foundation 

One of the most difficult communication challenges for some companies is explaining highly technical ideas to everyday people. For the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation, this was an understatement.

Every year the foundation held an event to connect patients families with the leading experts in the field. After the presentations, the families were invited to meet and greet these experts to ask questions, get more information, and find out ways to get involved. However, the turnout at the meet and greet was never very large.

So the Beyond Batten Foundation came to us to work on a fast draw video that would explain the disease, and the challenges these experts faced in getting their new treatments to market Finally, the foundation had a tool that was in a language and format that the families could truly understand and connect with.

Following the video presentation, the meet & greet was PACKED with families who suddenly felt confident enough to ask questions, discuss new treatments, and get involved.

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