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321 FastDraw is my go to team for video production work. They are efficient, professional, always on time and budget, and best of all they are great collaborators who produce beautiful work. Most recently we partnered to create a series of patient re-enactment videos for a pharmaceutical meeting. The feedback was phenomenal. The audience was blown away by the likeness of the actors to real patients and by the portrayal of their stories. Everyone involved went out of their way to express how fantastic the videos were. There’s no one else I’d want to have on my team when turn around is tight and client expectations are really high. These guys always knock our socks off and I love being able to deliver such amazing results to my clients.
Emily, “August Jackson”               
321 FastDraw is my go to team for video production work. They are efficient, professional, always on time and budget, and best of all they are great collaborators who produce beautiful work. Most recently we partnered to create a series of patient re-enactment videos for a pharmaceutical meeting. The feedback was phenomenal. The audience was blown away by the likeness of the actors to real patients and by the portrayal of their stories. Everyone involved went out of their way to express how fantastic the videos were. There’s no one else I’d want to have on my team when turn around is tight and client expectations are really high. These guys always knock our socks off and I love being able to deliver such amazing results to my clients.
Emily, “August Jackson”               
Thanks so much for your great work, and incredible responsiveness. Please let the team know that we are thrilled with the results! It was a pleasure working with you.
Susan, “Johnson & Johnson”               
You guys are a super organization. You blend customer service, genuine passion and high tech. We are very fortunate to have you as our partner.
Damien, “Genentech”               
I just wanted to say thank you again. It was a pleasure working with you and thank you so much for all the hard work and long hours. Very much appreciated!
Chris, “ESPN - SportsCenter”               
Our group loved it…There are others who would love to work with you so you might be getting emails! Thanks so much…We absolutely are thrilled!
Danielle, “TRIG Classroom Readiness”               
I just wanted to let you know that our leaders had a very very positive reaction to our video in our meeting...I so very much appreciate your partnership and the long hours that I'm sure that the team put in to making it a success for us. Please extend my thanks to the team for a job well done!
Lisa, “Johnson & Johnson”               
321 nailed it…We are new, small and innovative in a field that is old, big and reticent to change. Our new product was entering the market among long established players. Your team at 321 Fast Draw turned features of a complex biotech production system into engaging, simple-to-grasp benefits. We really stand out in an outstanding way with the 321 production. Our internal team was highly impressed, and our uptake among new prospects has been fantastic for us. We’ll be back for more… BTW – your turn around time met my expectations which were unrealistic given my deadline.
Gerard, “LEWA Process Technologies”               
I cannot tell you how excited I am by this piece of content. You have such a talented team and have created something quite remarkable. Within our hospital world, these are the hardest concepts for families to understand, especially when they are in shock. I showed it to our hospital team this morning and there was dead silence when it was over, then “wow…” and “that was so moving and powerful” . A thumbs up all around! High praise from a difficult group of people. Looking forward to our next piece!!
Mark, “Care Plus”               
Just wanted to let you know that people loved the video and thought that we had told a complicated story very nicely. So thank you!!!!
Priya, “Genentech”               
The videos turned out wonderfully and everyone is very happy. We're excited to share them with the world very soon!
Riva, “Economist Insights”               
I wanted to let you know that your video was so well-received at the management presentation...another team wants to engage your team for a potential new project.
Carolyn, “Genentech”               
A great idea has three stages: conception, execution, and communication. Many companies stumble in the last stage. Enter 321 Fast Draw. It's one of the most effective techniques I've seen for grabbing people's attention and communicating what your idea is about.
Guy Kawasaki, “Author of Enchantment and former chief evangelist of Apple”               
It was great!!! Thank you all so very, very much. It was an absolute pleasure working with your team. I appreciate all of the creativity, responsiveness, patience, intelligence and professionalism you guys delivered to us.
Nicole, “Transamerica”               
Thank you so much for all the hard work to deliver two excellent videos for us. They both turned out better than we could ever have hoped and we are very pleased....We sure have enjoyed working with you and we’ll talk soon!
Karen, “Eli Lilly”               
We have worked with many outside contractors and this project was by far the smoothest and most enjoyable project I have worked on.  Thank you for all your work and professionalism during this process.
Annika, “Just Health Shops”               
We showed the video to the collected communications officers of the National Academies at our monthly meeting. Everybody loved it, praising the creativity of the drawing and the imagination and humor in your interpretation of the script. Congratulations on a job well done! I look forward to our next project together.
Stephen, “National Academy of Science”               
Thank you for the great work from you and your firm, The video was a hit across the firm. There are still folks talking about it. In fact, everyone wants to know the name of the firm that helped make the video.
Kathleen, “ING”               
I want to tell you, how appreciative I am for your time, energy and creative talent.  It's very clear that your team worked tirelessly on this to make it perfect for us. It's not very often that I am speechless, but I have to say you got me!  I am so wonderfully pleased with the video, I can't even begin to tell you. It's exciting to see how each and every sentence in the script is so thoughtfully illustrated.
Julie, “University of Chicago, Cancer Research Center”               
The consensus was unanimous....the staff LOVED the video and was very impressed at the turnaround time. Our company is male-dominated so the guys were very impressed and had seen much of your work on ESPN. Needless to say it made Eric, my boss and managing partner, and Dennis S, owner of BM, very happy! Even the "techies" were saying "great job!"...and that's pure praise indeed.  Success!!!
Nanci, “Total Bank Solutions”               
Thanks again for your imagination, dedication and inspiration!
Robert, “Value of Medical Innovation, World Free From Cancer”               
The video was a hit! Thanks to everyone for the very quick and excellent work!
Deborah, “Lilly”               
Thank you for your brilliant creative out of the box thinking!!! I know it will be a HUGE hit, and I bet other business units are going to flood me with requests!!!
Joy, “HP”               
You all are just phenomenal! We are so pleased with our Seeds of Strength creation and hope to use it to recruit more women givers and generate excitement for what we are doing. What a wonderful and innovative tool thanks to your team's creativity. We do appreciate your assistance and it has been a delight to work with you.
Barbara Pearce, “Seeds of Strength”               
It was amazing! We love it!
Sharon, “Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy”               
Diane and all at 321Fastdraw, just wanted to say an enormous thanks for turning this film around so quickly, professionally and fantastically. A pleasure working with you on this.
Steve, “PBJS”               
I wanted to say how rewarding this experience has been for us. We had a lot of faith that you would be able to make difficult concepts simple. Your team showed professionalism from the first meeting and delivered product on time. Not only that, but video looks exciting and informative. Thank you for working with us and we hope we will be using your service in the future.
Leon, “NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology”               
It is so unbelievable to have something that so succinctly gets the message across for us. I have to tell you that I’ve had three people actually tear up when they watched it.  So there is something about it that is entirely genuine and moving in that simple story.  You did a great job of capturing it. I can’t thank you enough.  You can add me as another one who had a tear in the eye.  We at U.S.SourceLink are forever grateful!
Maria, “U.S.SourceLink”               
I cannot thank you all enough - Incredible. Just Incredible.
Chris, “Hyatt”               
Just when I think they can't get any more creative, they go and prove me wrong again.
Matt Long, “The Kauffman Foundation”               
When you use 321FASTDRAW for a piece you produce, get ready for 2 things—High praise and the question ‘Who did that?’ Both will come up often after someone views the finished product. Would highly recommend to any Producer.
Jake, “FOX Sports”               
What really sets 321 Fast Draw, Inc apart is that beyond the technology and creativity, they have a strong sense of story. They understand pacing and how a segment unfolds for the viewer. Their best work has a way of cutting through the noise and resonating with viewers.
“The Kauffman Foundation”               
I very much appreciate how you and your team bent over backward for us. As amateurs in the video production process, we needed your professional guidance and patience.
Mike Green, “Huffington Post Blogger”               
Thank you; looks great! We appreciate how responsive you’ve been to our request and how easy you’ve been to work with; thank you very much!”
Wesley, “Transamerica Long Term Care”               
I cannot make a stronger endorsement for 321Fast Draw, Inc! They are the best in the industry, and true professionals. We needed a project completed within 72 hours, and 321Fast Draw delivered without a hitch. The right price, the right understanding and delivered on time. Could not have asked for more. Indeed, 321Fast Draw, Inc has positioned our business for future growth. We will not hesitate going back to 321Fast Draw, Inc. for all future needs of this nature. They have set the standard for excellence in every regard.
Alvin Perkins & Eric Harris, “RecognizeMyMilitarySkills (RMMS) LLC”               
We got very positive feedback from the client on the animation – along with their sincere appreciation for the effort and collaboration.  It really has been a pleasure to work with you on behalf of our client, and they’ve asked me to pass along their thanks.
Brad, “Gagen MacDonald”               
We have received rave reviews about the addiction 321 FastDraw. Thank you to you and your team for your great work!
Eliza, “Sandy Hill Addiction”               
321FastDraw has been a joy to work with on several projects. The team is creative, responsive, professional, and, above all, fun. These telestrations are a far more effective way to get my message out than traditional marketing methods.
Trevor Eissler, “Author of Montessori Madness! A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education”               
The meeting was awesome, the video was a huge success. Our client said, ‘We spend hours and hours on power points and have 15 meetings to get a message to someone and this video did it in 1 minute!’ it was great! They loved the video and so has EVERYONE else. We will stay in touch and I'm sure do more business in the future.
Donny, “iLuxCars”               
We think the Fast Draw is awesome. You definitely exceeded our expectations, which were already high. You did a great job getting the "Alaska" details right. Please thank your team for us.
Jana, “Information Insights”               
It was a smash hit!!  Big audience applause at end and a few laughs along the way. Great job, and congrats.
Tom, “Abbott Nutrition”               
Thank for your assistance and patience with our Vision & Strategy work.   We have ended up with a wonderful visual aid that provides a clear picture to our employees of how this all fits together.  Your involvement in the creation of this piece of work has proven invaluable.  Thank you!
Annie, “Europe - Pitney Bowes”               
“Our company was suffering from “Death by PowerPoint Syndrome” and we needed a new way to tell our complicated story.  We needed something that would inspire our prospects and energize our employees.  The team at 321 Fastdraw delivered!   A true partner that understood our business objectives, provided priceless creative advice and fantastic production quality.  They are easy to work with and add value with every interaction.”
Marji, “Peppers and Rodgers Group”               
Hats off to the 321 team -- you guys have done a terrific job!
Lee, “HP”               
Working with 321FastDraw was great.  They listened to really understand our objectives for creating the piece.  They understood our target audience, the message we wanted to convey and how we intended to communicate it.  That made the process much better when it came time to work on the script and visuals.  We were able to very quickly come up with the right words and pictures to tell our story.
Dave, “Greenlight Consulting”               
Diane and her entire team at 321 FastDraw were a pleasure to work with. They were collaborative, attentive to deadlines and extremely accommodating. They're passionate about what they do – and it shows. We look forward to working with them again soon.
Drew, “Wilson Dow Group”               
We want to sign up for a long term relationship with Fastdraw.  Personally, I've grown Christmas-like anxious waiting to see Fastdraw 'bring our concepts to life'... so far, the result has always been worth the wait!  In short, we can't say enough good things about 321 Fastdraw, Inc.
Steve Buchheit, “Rawls Professor of Business - Texas Tech University”               
LOVE IT!!!  It is perfect!  You guys do a great job!  You say you are going to deliver and you deliver!!!  I can't thank you enough for the great service!
Sandy, “Mirror Show Management”               
I have never seen audiences more thoroughly engaged on a marketing presentation...The Fastdraw team is thoughtful, responsive and professional through each step of the creative process. The piece the Fastdraw team produced for Operation Homefront-Illinois continues to generate enormous buzz that translates into better fundraising and more volunteers in support of Illinois military families.
Dan, “Operation Homefront-Illinois”               
Brilliant creativity, painless editing, friendly service, and a fantastic product: collaborating with 321FastDraw is a pleasure.
Trevor Eissler, “Author of Montessori Madness!”               
Whether I am hiring someone to do a creative project, replace my car’s transmission or paint my house, I am a self-confessed difficult and demanding client. But the team at 321 Fast Draw are now my “gold standard” for client service and genuine partnership. From the initial conversation through numerous changes to the final glorious and extraordinary animation they created, the 321 Fast Draw team treated my project as their very own, a true labor of love. I hope I have the good fortune and privilege to work with them again soon. If you want to create a message that will be memorable and engaging and want to have a lot of fun throughout the process, then the choice is clear: 321 Fast Draw. Nothing else can compare.
Daniel C. Petter-Lipstein, “SuperDrMaria.com”               
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