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ESPN SportsCenter - "NFL Pre-Game Quarterback Difference"

ESPN His & Hers - "That's What She Said "Peyton Manning's Last Rodeo"

FOX Sports - "The Hoodie On The Holiday Hilltop" Narrated by Rob Riggle"

ESPNW - That's What She Said "Twas The Night Before Christmas"

ESPN - "NBA Baby Talk"

ESPN His And Hers "Why Marshawn will Lead Seahawks to Super Bowl Win"

ESPN "Numbers Never Lie Whiteboard" Will Andrew Luck Become Best QB in NFL?

ESPN "Numbers Never Lie Whiteboard" LeBron James Will Surpass Michael Jordan?

Fox Sports "NASCAR - 6 Generations of Speed"


BET “Emergen Z”

BET “Meningitis” PSA

NASCAR “2015 Rule Changes”

BET “Emergen C”

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