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ESPN - Draft Kings Millionaire Maker
August 12,, 2015
Check out this new very cool animated commercial 321 Fast Draw created for ESPN.

Jeff Teague on the Art of the Playmaker
May 5, 2015
Check out this new very cool animated segment 321 Fast Draw created for ESPN's TrueHoop TV! Click to view

New Kauffman Sketchbook Illustrates the Six Essential Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs
March 18, 2015
Amy Wilkinson, author of The Creator's Code, describes key characteristics of today's leading entrepreneurs.

ESPN "His & Hers Whiteboard" Kentucky Won't Be Best Team of All-Time
March 10, 2015
His & Hers Michael Smith and Jemele Hill debate where an undefeated national champion Kentucky would rank among all-time NCAA squads.

321 Fast Draw has reached over ONE MILLION VIEWS on YouTube!
January 26, 2015
Whoa! We have officially reached over ONE MILLION views on YouTube! We would like to thank EVERYONE who has viewed and subscribed to our channel...Subscribe to keep up with the latest and greatest from our production crew.

ESPN "His & Hers Whiteboard" Why Marshawn will Lead Seahawks to Super Bowl Win
January 26, 2015
Michael Smith and Jemele Hill discuss the impact Marshawn Lynch will have on the Super Bowl.

ESPN "His & Hers Whiteboard" Oregon's Edge over Ohio State for National Championship
January 8, 2015
Oregon's high-speed offense may be too much for Ohio State to handle in this year's College Football Championship game.

Announcing 321 Animation!
December 19, 2014
321 Fast Draw launches 321 Animation, a new division dedicated to creating all types of custom animations! 321 Animation's illustrators and animators are some of the most talented in the world.  But what our clients keep raving about is the unmatched service.  321 Animation and 321 Fast Draw handles everything from script, to character design, even sound design!!!!

ESPN "His & Hers Whiteboard" Explaining the College Football Playoff
December 18, 2014
Mike & Jemele explain this years upcoming College Football Playoffs!

Announcing 321 Learning!
December 3, 2014
321 Fast Draw launches 321 Learning, a new website dedicated to make learning fun!

ESPN Untold Stories Of The 2013 Iron Bowl
November 29, 2014
Recounting the events leading up to and beyond the infamous "Kick-Six" ending to the 2013 Iron Bowl. Check out these animation segments we created for this piece.

ESPNW Sarah Spain's That's What She said "Top 3 Sports Trends that Need to End"
November 17, 2014
Check out this new animated segment with ESPNW's Sarah Spain --> That's What She Said!

ESPN Jalen's NBA Offseason Recap
October 28, 2014
Jalen Rose recaps the NBA's wild offseason that saw LeBron James return to Cleveland, Steve Ballmer take over the Clippers, and nine teams get new head coaches.

ESPN TrueHoop TV “Lakers Aren't Attracting Stars with Kobe”
October 20, 2014
The Lakers have long been a magnet to the NBA's biggest names, but it's getting tough to find elite players who want to share the court with Kobe Bryant.

New Kauffman Sketchbook Debunks Four Persistent Myths about Entrepreneurship
September 19, 2014
Dane Stangler, Kauffman Foundation vice president of Research & Policy, discusses four persistent myths about entrepreneurship in the latest installment of the Kauffman Sketchbook video series released today by the Kauffman Foundation.

ESPN TrueHoop TV “Theory of Gravity”
August 26, 2014
The shooting ability of LeBron's new Big 3 have the potential to make life on offense whole lot easier for him.

ESPN - "Numbers Never Lie" Whiteboard Special
August 18, 2014
BIG NEWS everyone! For the first time EVER, the whiteboard videos we produce for ESPN's Numbers Never Lie will be featured in a Whiteboard Special! That's right - 30 minutes of whiteboard! Tune in or set your DVRs for Tuesday 8/19, 6PM CST/7PM EST on ESPN Primetime!

The Economist Intelligence Unit - EIU
August 13, 2014
We are so pleased to announce the release of a series of videos we produced together with The Economist Intelligence Unit - EIU. This series focuses on SOCIAL BUSINESS and how these top 5 business leaders use social media in innovative ways!

ESPN “Numbers Never Lie Whiteboard” Will Andrew Luck Become Best QB in NFL?
August 12, 2014
Comedian and impressionist Frank Caliendo joins Numbers Never Lie's Michael Smith and Jemele Hill to discuss NFL QB Andrew Luck.

ESPN “Numbers Never Lie Whiteboard” The End of SEC Football Dominance?
August 5, 2014
This week's guest features Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban to talk about SEC football dominance.

ESPN “Numbers Never Lie Whiteboard” Will Seahawks Repeat in Super Bowl 2015?
July 30, 2014
Numbers Never Lie's Michael Smith and Jemele Hill debate whether or not the Seattle Seahawks will repeat and win another Super Bowl title in 2015.

ESPN “Numbers Never Lie Whiteboard” Stop Blaming Tony Romo For Cowboys' Struggles
July 16, 2014
Darren Woodson joins Numbers Never Lie's Michael Smith and Jemele Hill to discuss the Dallas Cowboys and QB Tony Romo.

ESPN TrueHoop TV “The Chris Bosh Effect”
June 10, 2014
You may not know it, but Heat big man Chris Bosh is wildly effective.

321 Fast Draw Hired to Do A “Mechanism of Action” Video
June 4, 2014
Genentech has hired 321 Fast Draw to do a first of its kind, to produce an MOA for a new investigational drug.

National Academy of Sciences - STEM Education
June 3, 2014
We produced this FastDraw for the National Academy of Sciences to help explain what STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Education is and how it can be beneficial in the classroom.

SWX “Sports Betting”
June 2, 2014
We produced this FastDraw for SWX Sports Betting to help explain how their new sports betting system works!

Damballa - Shortfalls of Malware Sandboxing
June 1, 2014
Malware sandboxing technologies are good at alerting to malware in motion. What other shortfalls does it have?

ESPN TrueHoop TV “Crunch Time: The Spurs Way”
May 30, 2014
Why are the Spurs so good in crunch time? They get everyone in on the act.

ESPN “Numbers Never Lie Whiteboard” Johnny Manziel’s NFL QB Potential
May 2, 2014
Jon Gruden joins Michael Smith and Jemele Hill to analyze NFL QB prospect Johnny Manziel.

ESPN TrueHoop TV “Mixed-Up Numbers”
May 1, 2014
Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are fantastic. So why isn't OKC when both are on the floor together?

Kauffman Sketchbook Features Insights from the Founders of Warby Parker
April 22, 2014
Dave Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal share the story of collaboration between close friends to create and build an online alternative to overpriced eyewear.

ESPN TrueHoop TV “Calling the MVP Race"
April 9, 2014
We are SUPER excited to release this new video format we've created in collaboration with ESPN’s True Hoop TV. It's a very different approach and we're looking forward to doing more.

ESPN - Whiteboard Animation Nominated for A Sports Emmy
March 26, 2014
Big news today! 321 Fast Draw is pleased to announce for the second year in a row, The Numbers Never Lie Whiteboard series we produce for ESPN has been nominated for the 35th Annual Sports Emmy Awards in Outstanding New Approaches - Sports Programming Short Format! This nomination was specifically based on one of our favorite Whiteboards "Can LeBron James Surpass Michael Jordan?"

ESPN “Numbers Never Lie Whiteboard” NCAA Bracket Tips
March 16, 2014
321 Fast Draw, Inc. has just produced another segment for ESPN’s, “Numbers Never Lie”. Jemele Hill and Michael Smith show you how to have a winning bracket.

ESPN “Numbers Never Lie Whiteboard” Syracuse’s Tyler Ennis: Best Freshman In The Nation
February 21, 2014
321 Fast Draw, Inc. has just produced another segment for ESPN’s, “Numbers Never Lie”. Michael Smith goes up against analyst Jay Williams over which player is the best freshman in the nation, Tyler Ennis or Jabari Parker.

Kauffman Sketchbook: The Wizard of Fundz
February 4, 2014
Slava Rubin, founder and chief executive of Indiegogo, offers advice for running a successful online crowd funding campaign.

ESPN “Numbers Never Lie Whiteboard” Broncos’ Super Bowl Advantage Over Seahawks
January 30, 2014
321 Fast Draw, Inc. has just produced another segment for ESPN’s, “Numbers Never Lie”. ESPN Numbers Never Lie's Michael Smith and Jemele Hill analyze the strengths of the Denver Broncos' offense in comparison to Seattle Seahawks defense.

ESPN “Numbers Never Lie Whiteboard” Seahawks’ Super Bowl Advantage Over Broncos
January 30, 2014
321 Fast Draw, Inc. has just produced another segment for ESPN’s, “Numbers Never Lie”. ESPN Numbers Never Lie's Michael Smith and Jemele Hill break down the Seattle Seahawks advantage over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

ESPN “Nate Silver’s Super Bowl Weather Odds”
January 19, 2014
Statistician Nate Silver, creator of the award-winning FiveThirtyEight.com website, discusses the triple threat that the winter poses for Super Bowl XLVIII, and explains why climatology may help predict the weather. This segment also aired on ESPN - NFL Countdown. The graphic Illustrations and animations were created by 321 Fast Draw.

Guther Van Hagens’ Body Worlds: The Happiness Project
January 16, 2014
321 Fast Draw Knows What it Means to be Happy! We're pleased to announce its second collaboration with this dynamic organization... Body Worlds: The Happiness Project! The Happiness Project makes its debut in Amsterdam, Holland, on Thursday, January 16, 2014.

ESPN “Numbers Never Lie Whiteboard” #1 Seed Feat
January 9, 2014
321 Fast Draw, Inc. has just produced another segment for ESPN’s, “Numbers Never Lie” - Featuring Ray Lewis.

ESPN “Numbers Never Lie Whiteboard” Jameis Winston Could Be G.O.A.T.
January 6, 2014
321 Fast Draw, Inc. has just produced another segment for ESPN’s, “Numbers Never Lie”. A win over Auburn in the BCS Championship and the Florida State Quarterback could stand alone in the history books.
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